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At U.S. Carpet Care, we specialize in providing professional steam cleaning and other San Diego carpet cleaning services. Periodic cleanings are essential to both the longevity and appearance of your carpet. Without regular cleanings, even the most beautiful carpets can become dull, dingy, and harbor potentially harmful mildew, mold, and pollen spores.

Our mobile fleet of truck mounted San Diego carpet cleaning and steam cleaning systems are designed to clean your carpet quickly and efficiently, penetrating all the way to the padding, and even removing years of dirt and debris buildup in some cases. Our environmentally friendly carpet cleaning process includes three main steps:


Using a specially formulated pre-treatment solution, oils, dirt, and debris are emulsified, or trapped, bringing them to the surface for easier removal. This is especially important for carpets that are extremely dirty or old.


Using a pressure boosted extraction system, steam and agitation are applied to the carpet, forcing dirt and debris to the surface and then effectively removing them. A carpet cleaning wand is also used to ensure thorough removal of foreign matter.

Pressure Vacuuming

As a final step, our truck-mounted pressure vacuum system is used to quickly extract any remaining dirt, debris, and excess moisture, ensuring a superior clean, and speeding up the drying process.